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- August 30, 2023
Entry 07: COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Take safety precautions to keep other people safe in advance of the wedding day!

- August 9, 2023
Entry 06: What To Expect at Our Wedding

Want to know what to expect at our wedding? Here are the answers to our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

- August 9, 2023
Entry 05: Things to Do Around the DMV

Things to do before or in transition to the reception for our wedding weekend.

- June 19, 2023
Entry 04: Hotel Accommodations & Reservations

Here is some helpful information about how to secure your room and get to our host hotel.

- June 17, 2023
Entry 03: How To Find Our Wedding Ceremony Venue

Need directions on how to get to the ceremony venue? Look no further.

- May 21, 2023
Entry 02: DMV Travel Tips & Transportation Options

Tips on how to get in and around the DMV for our wedding if it's your first time visiting the district.

- May 13, 2023
Entry 01: 5 Ways To Show Love

Looking for ways to connect with us? Here are 5 ways to show love from now until our big day!

- May 5, 2023
Entry 00: Start Here

Journal Entries represent all of the latest updates—including things like schedule changes (if any), menus, things to do around DC, and much more.

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